Thoughts behind the creation of eMath Solutions

A growing child is a Fountain Head of energy and his brain is a Fountain Head of thoughts which are divergent and ever expanding, very rapidly. In the classroom teaching - learning process, we as teachers / mentors always endeavour to give direction to that energy and streamline the thoughts. It is our firm belief that this properly channelized energy improves their thinking abilities and makes these children run faster in their thought process of solving problems, solving difficult problems with an ease and many a time creating much elegant solutions than we teachers can in less number of steps.

The divergent thoughts create lots of doubts and queries in the minds of children and they keep seeking the solutions and are satisfied only when they get the solutions which are logically correct.

In the classroom teaching - learning process, many a time, a teacher is constrained by the time frame allotted for the completion of the subject syllabus. Even though the teacher puts in the best of efforts, some doubts and queries of the students persist and remain unsolved.

Students do require a Helping Hand, who can help them in understanding of concepts and also solve their difficulties in mathematics problems.

At eMath Solutions we wish to be that Virtual Helping Hand and we endure to help students in improving their Problem Solving Skills in Mathematics.

  • Sunil Kishanchandani
  • Vinayak Kishanchandani