Core Team

eMath Solution is the brainchild of analytically minded, hardworking individuals with a high educational background, who are inspired to give back to the society, through the channel of education, by providing a helping hand to the students across the globe, to achieve high level of conceptual understanding and developing problem solving skills in mathematics. This will also help students to attain higher grades.

The founding members of eMath Solutions:

Educational Qualification :

  • B. Tech. Mech. Engg – The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India
  • Bachelor in Education – Mumbai University, India
  • Diploma in Education - Mumbai, India

Work Experience in Education (Past and Present):

Teaching of Mathematics to :
  • IIT - JEE aspirants up-to JEE - Advance
  • Olympiad students
  • IB Diploma (SL/HL/Advance)
  • London School of Economics (UOL External Program in India)
    • Management Science Methods (MSM) / Operation Research (OR)
    • Management Mathematics
    • Math & Stats
  • Written content in mathematics for IIT - JEE
  • Written solutions of the problems of Multivariate Calculus by "C. HENRY EDWARDS & DAVID E. PENNEY"
  • 'E-MENTOR' for Virtual Class Room Teaching, teaching mathematics Online

Work Experience in Energy Projects (Past):

Consultant, Energy Expert for CDM Projects (Biomass, Thermal Energy, Methane Recovery, Wind Energy, Transmission and Distribution Losses in Electricity Distribution System, Forestation / Afforestation)

Vinayak is a quiet personality but is a thinker, with a very creative mind and loads of new ideas. It is his creative mind which conceptualised and brought eMath Solutions from being just a dream in to a reality.