• IIT – JEE (The Indian Institute of Technology, Joint Entrance Examination)
  • All State Boards in India, HSC and SSC
  • CBSE
  • IB Math and Extended Math
  • IBDP Standard Level, IBDP Higher Level and IBDP Further Math
  • 'O' Level Elementary Math / 'O' Level Additional Math
  • 'A' Level H1/H2 Math
  • IGCSE additional math
  • Different Entrance Examinations of GRE, GMAT, SAT
  • Engineering First Year
  • LSE –
    • Math (MT 105a, 105b) and Stats (ST 104a, 104b)
    • Management Mathematics (MT 2076)
    • Management Science Methods (MN 3032)
    • Business Strategy Mathematics
    • Calculus (MT 1174)
    • IFP (International Foundation Program) Mathematics (FP 0001)
  • Engineering First Year Mathematics
  • Problems from different books like ‘S.L. Loney: Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry’ , ‘Edward and Penney: Multivariate Calculus’ etc

Sincere efforts will be made to answer each and every question.
You can be assured of:

  • Detailed Solutions: Solutions will be self explanatory. Solution will be detailed to the extent that personal presence of the teacher will not be required for explanation.
    Solution will have chronological order for proper understanding
  • Concepts used: Solution will contain the list of concepts and sub concepts used in solving of questions.
  • Diagrams: Solutions will contain necessary diagrams for explanation of the solution.

Very Important : If a question cannot be solved, prompt response will be sent to the student asking the question.

All efforts will be made and care taken to make the solution error free. Still, if errors exist, it will be rectified in a short duration of time

All efforts will be made to complete and provide the solution at the earliest but within 48 to 72 hours depending on difficulty level of the question.

Yes. All possible efforts will be put to send the solution as early as possible Thought is always to help a student with the solution to lift his / her confidence level in the examination. But try not to keep all the queries for the last day.

First questions will be provided.
When the student (applicant) has put in sufficient efforts and asks for the solutions, the same will be sent (May be within a week or ten days time).

Yes. If questions are sent together and names & email ids are mentioned against the questions, each will be sent answer separately or if the questions are common difficulties, solutions will be sent to all.